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- Polycarbonate Lenses
Our optical lenses are made of polycarbonate. Strong and tough, yet thin and lightweight, polycarbonate is considered one of the best lens materials in the market—far superior to cheaper plastics, safer than glass, and naturally 100% UV protective.

Manufactured and handled at our lab, all optical polycarbonate lenses have anti-scratch coating and are treated front and back with Surpass® ECP Super Hydro AR. Translation? Our anti-reflective coating not only blocks reflected light (as all AR coatings do), but also repels water, oils and grime, so your lenses are easier to clean. Surpass ECP is produced on site at the lab, for the highest possible quality control. Finally, every optical lens receives an anti-scratch coating. Please note that all coatings are included in the price of your frames!

- High Index Lenses
For optical frame orders with strong prescriptions, we offer superior quality anti-reflective, anti-scratch high index lenses. If your prescription falls between -10.00 and -5.00 for sphere (SPH) or +/- 2.25 and +/- 3.00 for cylinder (CYL), your optical glasses will require high index lenses. Our 1.67 Anti-Reflective high index lenses are 60% thinner than regular plastic lenses – perfect for stronger prescriptions.


Our prescription sunglasses are filled with polycarbonate lenses that contain anti-scratch coatings and a neutral gray or brown tint to protect your eyes from UV rays and damage from everyday exposure.

Don’t need a prescription but want to wear sunglasses from our collection? Eyefly offers non-prescription fashion frame sunglasses with high quality lenses. The lenses are plastic, lightweight, and designed to ensure you see the clearest and crispest colors.

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